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Galitskyi Hall

The bright and stylish Galitskiy Hall is on the second floor of the hotel. The hall is divided into two sections – section “А” and section “B”, which can hold 50 and 110 people on a single occasion. The whole hall is lit up by natural lighting and can be blacked out by black outs, if required. The sections can be combined, if desired, so that a space for dancing will appear and the sitting area will be expanded. 

The columns decorated with stones and mirrors solemnize the hall. Galitskiy Hall is perfect for conferences and seminars as well as for family celebration or corporate event.

Section “А”
Hall area: 145 m2
  • “Theater” - up to 50 people
  • “Classroom” - up to 40 people
  • “Round table” - up to 48 people          
Section “B”
Hall area: 225 m2
  • “Theater” - up to 110 people
  • “Classroom” - up to 60 people
  • “Round table” - up to 68 people

Tel.: +38 (044) 597 90 39
Mob.: +38 (067) 628 11 41