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Special guest from the past!

  • 05.03.2019

In February 2019, Iztok Legat*, chef from Slovenia visited Premier Hotel Lybid. This visit was very significant for the hotel, because Iztok worked in Lybid from 1993 to 1994 on a position of restaurant manager. He and his wife Irena have opened Lybid restaurant and shared interesting facts from hotel’s life with us. It is hard to believe, but at that time restaurant was located in the place of present Slovianskyi conference hall.

Having had a walk around memory places, Mr. Iztok was pleasantly surprised by the changes in the hotel. He particularly admitted the reconstruction of rooms, renewal of restaurant equipment and introduction of new Halytskyi hall.

“The only thing that has not changed is the view from the window!” Iztok said.

We hope this visit was not the last one and we are looking forward to new meetings!

* Iztok Legat – chef from Slovenia, Honorary Member of World Association of Chefs’ Societies (WACS), Chairman of Association of Cooks of Slovenia (2004-2008), Member of the Executive Committee of Association of Slovenia Chefs.